What’s Natural About my Hair?

Natural Black Hair

In recent years, and particularly the past year or two, there has been a huge movement towards natural hair. Over the decades, black women have gotten used to endless hours in the salon, harsh chemicals and a multitude of stylish tools that force hair into styles that are anything but natural, and the time has come that enough is enough.

By embracing natural hair however, women are starting to realise that natural African hair styles are not only beautiful; they are far more versatile and easy to manage than the weaves, extensions and coaxed styles of old.

Popular Myths About Natural African Hair

In order to understand why natural African hair is becoming the norm, we need to understand (and bust) the many misconceptions that abound black hair. Some of the biggest myths include the following:

  • Myth #1 – natural hair is not versatile

The term ‘natural black hair’ is too often associated with Afros, and while this is one style option, it is by no means the only style. There are many great styles to try that are healthy for your scalp and your hair. Some of the many natural hairstyles you can wear include twists, knots, braids, cornrows, coils, locs and plenty of others. You can also get creative and combine some of these styles to make your own unique look. Shorter hair can be a bit more limited, but with the use of gels, clips and some style inspiration from glossies, you can experiment and find looks that suit your mood and style.

  • Myth #2 – natural hair does not grow

While black hair does shrink upwards, making it look shorter, it is a downright lie that it does not grow. Every person on earth has a pre-set hair length that is determined by genetics – with the right care, you can grow your hair to whatever length you like, without a perm or relaxer. Ironically, the harsh chemicals in relaxers can actually halt hair growth. By cutting out these and reducing the amount of other chemicals, heat and dryness on your hair, you will be able to grow your hair and notice results in time. Natural caring oils such as argan or coconut oils help to keep your hair healthy and more able to grow without breakage.

  • Myth #3 – Natural hair is difficult to manage

If you try to treat your hair like straight hair, it may be hard to manage. But your hair is unique, just like you are. Black hair is extremely fine, and is more prone to breakage than most hair types due to the way that it is structured. By understanding your hair, and treating it right, you will find that it is far more manageable than you may have assumed. Use tools such as your fingers, a wide tooth comb, natural bristle brush and natural oils, try new routines, and work with your natural texture instead of working against it. Once you start doing this, you will start to see how easy it can be to manage your hair.

Check out our street styles inspiration to see some other looks that work well with natural black hair.


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