Signs that it’s time to trim natural hair

Healthy ends are essential to having healthy natural hair, so it is therefore necessary to trim those ends when needed! Let’s have a look at some signs which indicate that it’s time to give those ends a trim.

Detangling is proving to be difficult

If you find that your natural hair is becoming a nightmare to detangle, then you may be in need of a trim! When your hair is properly moisturized but is still proving hard to detangle, a trim will give your hair that boost that it needs to become healthy and manageable again.

You use heat frequently

If you frequently expose your natural hair to direct heat such as curling irons and hair dryers, it strips moisture from the hair, putting it at risk of split ends. It is therefore necessary to give your hair a trim fairly regular in order to help keep it healthy.

Twist outs look raggedy

If your natural hair is in need of a trim, you may find that twist outs/braid outs or any other styles you fancy, will look a little off if your ends aren’t in good shape. Twist outs may be uncharacteristically frizzy, or ends will stick out quite a bit. If your ends are significantly thinner than the rest of your hair, it’s hard to achieve that voluminous look that natural hair often privileges us to.

You don’t seal your ends properly or often enough

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair, so it is important to seal them regularly. If this is not done, it can cause breakage and split ends. This is particularly true with ladies who have extremely curly and tight uniformed curls, because the curlier the hair, the more difficulty your sebum (natural oils from sebaceous glands) has in running down your strands. Therefore, make sure that you seal those ends regularly and maintain the moisture by using the Easy Waves Coconut hair food or Pink Oil Moisturiser with mineral oil.

Your ends won’t curl up

Particularly after heat use (as mentioned above), you might notice that your ends don’t curl or kink up like they used to and you’re forced to roll them or disguise them to blend with the rest of your hair. Most likely, you have heat damage and unfortunately, it’s an irreversible condition. Holding onto heat damaged ends makes it difficult for styles to really flourish. You’ll continue having to braid and curl or twist and curl your ends to try to get them blend them in with the rest of your hair. Save yourself the struggle and just let the heat damaged hair go, a half inch or inch at a time if need be.

Overall, trimming is essential for keeping natural hair looking healthy. Don’t forget to check out our amazing range of African hair products which will help with the process.

Good luck!


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