What a good hair day does to my mood?

We are all aware that the way our hair behaves has a direct impact on our mood and on our day in general. Waking up with hair that simply does not want to co-operate can put a serious crimp in our daily routine, especially when we are pressed for time and just do not have the time to properly tame our rebellious curls.

Surveys have shown that women will often spend less time putting on their make-up in order to ensure that their hair looks great, proving that we regard our hair as one of the most important factors when it comes to looking and feeling great. Waking up to a bad hair day immediately destroys confidence levels, which has a serious impact on the rest of your day. Health experts also believe that bad hair might be a sign of bad health, and that hair problems could be a sign that your body is sending out warning signs.

So what makes having a good hair day so special?

As we are all painfully aware, looks matter. Our appearance has a vital impact on every aspect of our lives, whether it be professional or personal. How we look directly influences how we feel, and even though we would all like to believe that it is what is on the inside that matters most, our appearance dictates our levels of self-confidence.

Historically, good hair has often been associated with people of higher standing and has played a vital part in a person’s self-image since ancient times. Beautiful hair was associated with royalty and valued throughout history, and the importance of having good looking hair still influences how we view ourselves today. Having a good hair day makes us feel attractive and empowered, which has an effect in both our personal and professional lives.

Looking and feeling great

A bad hair day has been proven to have a catastrophic effect on our mood, and surveys have shown that most women who are experiencing a bad hair day felt self-conscious and anxious. It goes without saying that this will indeed have a negative impact on your mood, how people perceive you, as well as on your productivity and confidence levels.

It will come to as no surprise to any of us that a good hair day makes us feel attractive, able and confident, which in turn allows us to feel in control and exude self-esteem. In addition to how great a good hair day makes us feel, it also has an effect on how others perceive us. A well groomed hairstyle immediately creates the impression of a well-managed individual and has an effect on how we are treated by others, which in turn has an impact on how we view and feel about ourselves.

While there are many more psychological reasons on why having a good hair day can make you feel like a million bucks, the truth of the matter is actually quite simple. When you look great, you feel great.

How to make sure everyday is a good hair day

Getting to know your hair is the first step in keeping the bad hair days at bay. Your hair, like you, has personality, tastes and preference. Some hair types are prone to being dry and crave a lot of moisture and will require daily application of Easy Waves Oil Moisturiser . Others are happy with just a quick spray once a day. If your hair is often dull, keep a bottle of Easy Waves Anti Frizz Oil Sheen Spray handy for a professional finish to every style. Ensuring that you use the correct products in the correct quantities will always make for a happy relationship with your hair.


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