Afro hair care 101: Growing and maintaining your afro

Love them or hate them, afros have become quite trendy in recent times- giving those with natural hair something to be proud of! However, growing and maintaining an afro is not always an easy task. It requires quite a lot of work and patience as an afro has a fragile texture. In this post, we give you some tips on growing that afro and keeping it looking healthy.

Growing your curls:

Growing the perfect afro is all about maximum curls, of course. Therefore, you need to be prepared to grow your curly hair. There are different types of curly hair, so depending on your hair type, you will need to grow your curls to at least medium length. This may require some patience.


Even though it is important to grow those curls, you will also need to trim it correctly, as well as use your fingers to puff it out. If you are opting for an afro which is very ‘poofy’ and stands away from the head, then it is better to not use a comb. You need to make sure that your hair is the same length all around, so give it a good trim before you let it all grow. It is also not necessary to wash your hair too often as constant washing can cause afro hair to become dry and brittle.

Keeping your afro moisturized:

African hair is generally very prone to drying out and becoming brittle, so it is very important to keep those curly locks ultra moisturized! When growing and maintaining your afro, a good product to use is the Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner Spray. It will nourish and moisturize your afro hair, keeping it looking great.

Wrap your head before bed:

A useful tip when it comes to looking after that afro, is to wrap your hair with a silk scarf before you go to bed. This helps prevent tangles and damage to your afro hair whilst keeping in the moisture.


Detangling afro hair:

Once that afro starts growing tall, you may find it getting a little tangled. After all, that is what tends to happen with so many curls! You can use a pick to detangle your hair, so it doesn’t become messy.

Whether you are a guy, wanting to grow a big afro which stands out in a crowd, or you are a lady who is looking to grow your afro hair to a longer length, we hope that these tips have helped!

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7 thoughts on “Afro hair care 101: Growing and maintaining your afro”

  1. Free Games

    HI! Have you considered leave-in conditioners? Those always help me maintain moisture throughout the entire day. Also try curling gels and spritzers; they seals my ends and prevents them from drying out. In addition, if you d tried every product and every method try keeping a mini hair spray bottle filled with water. Then throughout the day, if you feel those ends crinkling just spray some water for guaranteed moisture retention.

  2. Trudy

    I love easywaves

  3. londokuhle mnguni

    Thank you so much I cant wait to grow my afro

  4. Nozi

    Thank you for the great tips. I’ve being growing my afro since December last year. My hair growth is slow and i have soft hair. I’ve recently started using easy waves products. I am patient and hope I will be happy with my hair soon.

  5. Florence Fetuga

    U really ar brilliant,thanks

  6. Prudence

    Dankie kan nie waarg to grow my hair

  7. hope

    my hair grows curley with easy waves… I love my Afro

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