African hair problems: Dealing with haircut regret

Us girls with African hair love to switch up our look from time to time – and this includes reinventing ourselves with a new haircut. For many women, a haircut is a way of making a physical change which reflects other changes in our lives. However, the wrong kind of haircut can be disappointing, and if really bad can also take a toll on one’s self-image. If you have recently had a haircut which you regret, do not stress! Read on for some tips on how to deal with this haircut regret.

Acknowledge the mistake

The first step is to acknowledge the haircut mistake and if necessary, own up to it.  While it may be the mistake of a hair stylist, people often cut their hair themselve, as a means to dealing with a frustrating situation such as a break up. Acknowledging why the mistake occurred won’t remedy your hair disaster. However, it will help prevent it from occurring again.

Think of a strategy for growing your hair out

While the hair you chopped off is gone and will take some time to grow back, you need to ask yourself the question: How can you wear your hair in such a way that will allow your hair to grow back strong and healthy, while helping you to feel confident about your appearance?  Don’t let “what others think” confine you to only a few styling options as you grow out your hair. Also, don’t forget to take good care of your existing hair as you wait for it to grow out. Try the Easy Waves Coconut hairfood to help you in growing you hair. 

Plan a hair reveal

As you wait for your hair to grow out, get excited about the progress! Instead of dwelling on the regret of your hair mistake, set a goal, even a specific date, in which you will reveal your hair. It doesn’t need to be anything major, but it is a good idea to focus on a time in your life that you are looking forward to like a birthday, the start of a new job/school, etc. and set a realistic goal. Working towards that goal will make you less likely to dwell on regret and look toward the future.

Overall, there is nothing uncommon or wrong about experiencing a little haircut regret, so if it happens to you, keep smiling and follow our tips!


Melanie is the owner of Promatix; a web design and online marketing agency in Johannesburg. An avid fan of all things pretty and practical. She likes tea, chocolate biscuits and books about anything other than reality.

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