What Makes an African Hair Product Awesome?

There might be more African hair products on the shelves these days than ever before, but how many are actually good for your hair?

Both men and women want to look good – having hair that is just right goes a long way in bringing together a look, after all. There are so many horror stories out there however, about those who have tried a new product that has ended up damaging their hair… even those who just can’t seem to find a product that can do the job properly.

What is the secret to hair success, and how can you be sure that you are choosing the African hair products that truly understand your hair?

Choosing the Best African Hair Products for Your Hair

It makes sense that if a product is designed to be used by people with black hair, the manufacturers of that product should either be black or have a solid understanding of black hair. There are already far too many misconceptions out there on this hair type, and the last thing you need is someone who fails to understand that black hair is fragile, fine and not up to large amounts of stress or chemical damage.

Some of the things that African hair products should be able to offer at the very least include the following:

  • A wide enough selection of products that caters for a variety of styles. Whether that means a conditioning range, a gel styling range and a relaxer range, or the whole kit and caboodle; the main thing is that you should be able to have choice and flexibility. If you trust the brand, you will have peace of mind knowing that the other products in the range are equally good, meaning you do not have to shop around whenever you want to change your hair. 
  • Products rich in moisturisers and natural ingredients. Coconut, emollients, nurturing oils and other ingredients that are good for hair help to reduce any potential damage from styling. Moisturising ingredients also provide added shine and movement to your hair. In styling treatments that contain harsher chemicals, natural ingredients help to maintain some balance, in order to allow the chemicals to work without causing damage to your hair. 
  • Affordable prices that do not break the bank. Let’s face it – you often end up spending a lot to look good. That doesn’t mean you should have to pay a fortune for your products though. Don’t assume that affordable means poor quality either – while there are sadly some cheap and nasty products out there, you can find a good quality solution that still has everything you need to work well without scorching your hair.

If you’re looking for African hair products that tick all of these boxes, try Easy Waves and give your hair the loving it deserves. 

Easy Waves

Easy Waves

Easy Waves is all about style – it’s a brand that is part of the everyday lives of millions of South Africans. Easy Waves has ensured that no matter the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday or even a job interview, you will look your best. Being stylish with Easy Waves brings out your individual personality, and reveals your unique beauty.

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  1. Rachel Rampop

    Hi Easywave, my name is Rachel Rampop 21years of age from Rustenburg. I like to be the face of your product.
    I don’t know how but it does maverlous n magic to my hair no hair breaking. My hair grow strong long n shiny #ILoveEasyWave

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