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Winter is upon us and some types of hair tend to be climate sensitive, as the cold weather can cause slow growth, dry hair and breakage. Many of us do not have the knowledge on how to prevent breakage during the winter months. Your black hair can survive just fine during this season if you are adequately prepared. Here are some simple, quick ways to use ethnic hair care products.

  1. Get into a routine. Create your own step by step routine for the mornings and nights, your hair will benefit greatly during these cold months.


  1.  Include shampoo treatments and conditioner washes. These  help protect against moisture loss during the washing process, particularly during this cold season.


  1. Avoid Unknown chemicals. Unfamiliar chemicals and hair colouring treatments damage the hair! Try to use protective hair styles such as braids, buns, twists, and ponytails. You can also use added hair such as wigs, weaves, and braid extensions. Be gentle on the edges when installing and wearing braid extensions during these cold months. Keep in mind that your ethnic hair underneath still requires regular moisture with the Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturiser With Mineral Oil and use the Easy Waves Oil Sheen Conditioner Hairspray to condition and treat the hair under your protective hair style. Its important to avoid tight braiding along the hairline that can result in broken and sparse edges. Try not to wear the extensions for too long as this can also be damaging to your hair.


  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It is crucial to moisturize your hair daily during these winter months. Ethnic hair needs as much moisture as possible which includes oiling your ends a little bit more. This does not mean over oiling your hair, but using products such as Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturizer With Mineral Oil which better seal the moisture in. Also, heavier sealants like the Easy Waves Lanolin Hairfood which provide longer-lasting moisture retention in the wintertime.  The Easy Waves Lanolin hairfood is a perfect partner for nartural styling.


Cover your hair! Many people tend to forget the most obvious solution of wearing a hat. However, the hat should not be cotton or wool because these materials cause friction with your hair, sucking the moisture out of your hair. Try using caps with a silky or satin lining (or sew one on yourself ). If you don’t like hats you can always experiment with hair wraps. There are various hair wrap trends to look fashionable while protecting your hair. Tucked up-dos (including wigs) are great primary style during this time of year.  These keep your ends hidden from the cold and dry air, which helps reduce moisture loss.  They also keep your hair away from your winter scarves, coats, and sweaters, which also helps reduce breakage. Be mindful, that overly frequent and long-term wearing of these styles can damage the hair along the temples and hairline. Also, avoid wearing head wraps too tightly. Covering your hair at night is also very vital. We advice thatpeople wear satin wraps or pillowcases to prevent friction with the hair. During winter the air is colder at night, so covering your hair at night will help keep the moisture in, and the Easy Waves Amla Oil Hairfood will definitely help keep your hair protected. This ethnic hair care product acts as a protective coat to feed and nourish dry hair.

Easy Waves

Easy Waves

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