Tips for preventing hair breakage this winter

There’s no doubt about it- winter is in the air here in SA, and that means that fragile African hair is more prone to hair breakage. However, you and your precious locks will be just fine if you follow these helpful tips which will help you avoid damage to your gorgeous African hair this winter.

Keep the ends of your hair tucked away:

In order to keep your ends hidden from the cold, dry winter air, it is advisable to wear up-dos this winter which not only look great, but will help reduce moisture loss. Up-dos are also convenient in winter, as it prevents hair from getting in the way when wearing those wooly winter scarves and coats.

Moisturize frequently:

It has been said time and time again how important it is to moisturize fragile African hair, but this is particularly important during the winter months as air is dry there is a higher chance of hair breakage and dryness. Try the Easy Waves Coconut Hair Food. It is enriched with coconut oils which penetrate deep into the scalp to strengthen and repair hair. It’s also high in protein and is specially recommended for dry, brittle hair as it prevents dryness and reduces hair breakage. 

Easy on the extensions!

While extensions are great when it comes to protecting your hair for winter, as well as giving you that look you desire for your hot date, it is not advisable to keep them in your hair for too long as they can cause breakage and a receding hairline. If you do wear braid extensions, remember that your natural hair underneath also needs to be looked after with regular moisturizing and conditioning with the Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Sheen spray.

Stay away from heat:

In winter, heaters are everywhere, from rooms to office spaces – yet they can dry out your hair so it is better to try avoid this heat where possible. Flat irons and curling irons are included, as they suck out natural moisture from your hair. The less heat, the better!

Even though the weather may be turning dull and dreary, your hair doesn’t have to be! So follow these tips from Easy Waves and don’t forget to check out our range of African hair products which will keep your hair looking gorgeous and healthy!

Easy Waves

Easy Waves

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