Tips for minimizing damage when applying heat to natural hair

Us girls love using heat, whether it’s for flat ironing or blow drying. However, heat usage does pose a threat to healthy natural hair including split ends and permanently straight strands! Don’t worry though, because heat usage can be fine if done in moderation and in combination with a high-moisture, high-strength, moderate-heat routine which is necessary to minimize damage. Here are some tips for minimizing damage to your natural African hair when applying heat.

Maintain moisturized strands:

Before you begin your heating routine, make sure that your hair is already well maintained, meaning that it is well-conditioned and full of moisture. In order to prevent hair damage to your natural hair, it is really important to maintain moisturized strands, even during the washing process.

Know your hair’s heat tolerance:

Different hair handles heat differently, so it is important for you to know your own heat tolerance. Coarser, thicker hair can usually handle heat styling better than thinner, more fragile hair. Remember, chemically processing the hair will reduce your hair’s heat tolerance.

Keep your heat source moving:

When using a heat source such a flat iron on your hair, you must not let it linger in sections for too long as this will cause split ends. Keep your heat source moving evenly throughout your natural hair and don’t leave it on the hair for more than a few seconds.

Alternate between your heat-styling routine and no-heat styles.

When heat-styling your hair, wear it for 2-3 weeks at a time and alternate with air-dried styles such as twists, buns, and roller sets. The lower your frequency of heat usage, the better your hair will fair in the long run.

Keep it clean:

Before applying heat to your hair, make sure that it is clean and free of product buildup. Styles will look better and fresher with conditioned, clean hair. You also need to make sure that your hair irons are completely clean before using them on your hair, as you don’t want to abrade your hair when using them.

Keep heat contact at a distance:

Very direct heat contact can damage your hair, so make sure that you hold hair dryers around 6 inches away from the hair and direct the air down the hair shaft—not at the head.

If your hair is already damaged, you should try and refrain from heat usage. This also applies to hair which is brittle, newly coloured or bleached.

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