Signs you need to change your African hair care regimen

Although African hair care is important, nobody wants or needs to have an overly complicated hair care regimen. Read on for some tips on how to tell whether it’s time to simplify your hair care regimen.

Your hair is not retaining length:

If you find that your hair has stopped retaining its length, then this could mean that your hair care regimen involves either too much manipulation or perhaps too much heat or washing. African hair care involves keeping in mind that the hair is fragile, so too much of something can result in breakage over time.

Your African hair product stash is overflowing:

If your stash of hair care products is starting to look really cluttered and confusing, it’s probably time to do a bit of a spring clean and decide on what you really need to be using. It’s good to have options, but there is no need to have a selection of ten different shampoos and ten different conditioners. Make a decision on which African hair products you need for your hair, and go with that.

Your daily regimen requires a planner:

If your African hair care regimen is so complex that it requires a daily planner to keep track of it, then chances are, you need to cut out some steps. Sure, you might alternate between a couple of conditioners or switch your hairstyle every a few weeks, but to have a regimen that is fickle is to have no routine at all. A simple regimen does not change every time the sun rises.

You can’t seem to stick to one hairstyle for more than a day:

With so many awesome African hairstyles out there, it’s normal to not want to wear the exact same hairstyle for weeks on end. However, switching dramatically on a daily basis means that you need to simplify your regimen! If you wear mini twists on Monday, flat iron on Tuesday, wash-n-go on Wednesday, flexi rod set on Thursday, blow out on Friday, finger coils on Saturday and bantu knot out on Sunday, where has all your time and hair gone? Try and tone down your hair care regimen by sticking to one hairstyle for a while. You will find that it saves you a lot of time so you can enjoy your day!

Planning your African hair care regimen with Easy Waves:

With our range of awesome and diverse African hair products, Easy Waves is all you need to plan your hair care regimen. From shampoos, to moisturizers, to relaxers- we have it all! Keep it simple, and your hair will look great!




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