Reflecting On Our New Year’s Resolution Hair Regime

We’re just past half way through the year, and by now most have forgotten or broken New Year’s resolution promises. The biggest excuse is usually that life gets in the way and becomes more difficult to stick to a hair regime. I hope most have followed through on the original hair resolutions. I am proud to say that despite the difficulty, I managed my time and put in extra effort to stick to my hair care regime.

Let’s go back to our New Year’s hair regime resolutions and check what’s been most successful:

New and exciting hairstyle

At the beginning of this year I set out to be daring. In an attempt to try out new things I found a few new and exciting hairstyles. With healthy, nourished hair my kinks have agreed to be styled accordingly. The Easy Waves hair care products have been a major contributor on this journey.  I’ve tried out some funky and daring new hairstyles, but when I’m not on the wild side of life, I go for a lush look.  I’ve achieved this with the Easy Waves Crème Relaxer. This look has allowed me to have straight, flowy hair which is easy to maintain and dresses up nicely with hair accessories.

Importance of moisture

At any time of the year, this is the most vital thing for your hair. I can’t stress enough how we need to keep our hair moisturised especially in the winter season. This provides the hair with the right nutrients to prevent hair damage and breakage. The Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturizer  and Easy Waves Lanolin Hairfood serve as just the right solutions. Black hair needs as much moisture as possible which includes oiling your ends a little bit more. I have found that using the Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditionerin addition to the other products, makes my hair a lot happier.

Preventing hair damage

The New Year’s resolution hair regime has kept my hair from drying, damaging and breaking. This has been made easy by sticking to the hair regime and preventing the damage instead of fixing it, like most of us are used to. It is important to trim our split ends, wash and condition our hair, lots of moisturising and provide definition in our curls. The Easy Waves Gel Activator and the Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner are the perfect combo to ensure this, also allowing for some shine and soft curls.

To keep my hair nourished, protected, strengthened and moisturised I have been using the Easy Waves Amla Oil HairfoodD and the Easy Waves Coconut Hairfood. This year I have stuck to my word of taking care of my hair in the best way possible. With the right hair care products from Easy Waves, I’ve managed to try out new hairstyles, sustain healthy hair and keep my kinks intact. Let us know if you’ve stuck to your New Year’s hair regime and show us some results!

Easy Waves

Easy Waves

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