My New Year’s Hair Regime Resolution

Another new year has come, and with it a number of resolutions which I heartily intend to keep. However, I also know that most New Year’s resolutions tend to last only until the end of February, when life gets in the way and the promises I made to myself falls along the wayside. I’m sure that most of you have also found that no matter how hard we try to stick to our new year’s resolutions, it just seems to become harder to see our resolutions through each year.

This year however, I have resolved that I will make sure my hair is looking great, and great looking hair requires a great hair regime. So here is my New Year’s hair regime resolutions:

Try out a new and exciting hairstyle

This year I will be daring. It is time to try out new things, and that includes an exciting new hairstyle. Although I have no idea which of the thousands of spectacular styles will be the centrepiece of my new look, it is important to remember that I need to take the proper care of my hair accordingly.

There are so many funky looks that I can achieve with the Easy Waves gel range, making it one of the most exciting prospects of my New Year’s hair regime resolution. Only time will tell whether I decide to go wild and embrace a daring, distinctive new style, or rather stick with something a bit more traditional.

This means that I might also consider a luxurious relaxed look. The Easy Waves Creme Relaxer is the perfect product to help me achieve this. A few key hair-care steps will help to achieve the desired results, such as choosing the right strength relaxer for my hair type, basing my scalp with Easy Waves Coconut Hairfood before relaxing, following the instructions and not exceeding the maximum time, and using the Easy Waves Neutralizing Shampoo after relaxing my hair.

Keep my hair moisturised

We have all been told a million times that we need to keep our hair moisturised. I know it and you know it. Yet, sometimes, we simply neglect this important part of our hair regime. There is simply no excuse anymore. I need something that will help me to avoid breakage and provide the moisture that my hair so desperately needs. The Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturiser offers the perfect solution, and is part of my New Year’s resolution hair regime. As an added bonus, it also protects against heat damage when applied before heat styling.

Prevent hair damage rather than try to fix it

It is no secret that our hair dries out, gets damaged and becomes prone to breakage. We then often face the saddening task of trimming it to remove split ends in order to prevent further damage. No matter how hard we try to rescue our hair once it has been damaged, the results are often sorely lacking, which is why I believe that prevention is better than a cure.

The Easy Waves Gel Activator and Oil Sheen Conditioner is the perfect solution to reducing dryness and split ends, leaving my hair manageable, soft and shiny. If I decide to go for that classic Afro I have always wanted to try, this is the perfect product to define my curls and provide texture and control.

Despite the style I choose, my hair and scalp will need to be healthy, which is why a part of my New Year’s hair regime resolution will definitely include regular treatments with Easy Waves Coconut Hairfood to strengthen and repair hair, while reducing dryness and breakage.

This year, I resolve to take excellent care of my hair, and Easy Waves is just the partner to help me achieve the results I desire. What is your New Year’s hair regime resolution? Let us know, and keep looking amazing.


Melanie is the owner of Promatix; a web design and online marketing agency in Johannesburg. An avid fan of all things pretty and practical. She likes tea, chocolate biscuits and books about anything other than reality.

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