How To Manage Frizz

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with the frizzies. It seems to be the go to for black hair with humidity or rain. No need to fear away in defeat, the battle against frizz can be won with Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Sheen Spray. Here are some practical tips that can promise success; with our hair care products.

Detangle black hair first!

In order for your hair pattern to be defined, tangles must be removed. An easy way is to detangle your hair is by using your fingers, after using Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner along with some water. This will work wonders for your hair and it will ensure that your hair is soft  and manageble. One can even sleep with the conditioner on their hair the night before wash day which really makes the hair much easier to work through. Keep the Easy Waves Curl Activator Gel in close reach so that you can define your curls!

Style wet hair

Freshly washed hair is the best, it’s the ideal time to apply products and seal in moisture using Easy Waves Lanolin Hairfood to protect your curl pattern. For some, this means the addition of the Easy Waves Coconut Hairfood. The wet method makes for better results and lasts longer. The wetter and more hydrated my hair is, the less frizz there is. We all know how frustrating frizzy hair can be, so to help I have Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Moisturizer.

A good haircut is key

I know this sounds terrifying but trust me when I say the more you chop off, the healthier your hair is and the faster it will grow. Split ends are the beginning of frizz, they need to be stopped before they start. This means getting your curls trimmed every 8 weeks. It does not mean cutting  your hair too short because shrinkage can be a problem with humidity. With regular use of the Easy Waves Activator Gel your split ends will reduce.

Lots of moisture

Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturizer will make your curls very happy. Curls succumb easily to dryness, so regular conditioning іѕ necessary. Deep conditioning once a week can be a great tool for combating frizz. Rinse with cold water and use the Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Moisturizer alongside Easy Waves Lanolin Hairfood to help smooth and soothe the hair cuticle and locks the follicle to keep the hair sleeker and shinier. Be sure not to over wash and condition your hair. As black women our  hair needs the natural oils from our scalp to reduce frizz.

Air dry

Black curls and kinks can quickly become frazzled into frizz in the drying phase of the styling process. Avoid wringing or rubbing your hair with a towel, this creates friction, breakage and split ends. Gently squeeze out the water with your fingers and add some Easy Waves Amla Oil Hairfood to deep-condition your hair and scalp.

Skip the hairbrush

Get yourself a wide-toothed comb and comb your hair while it’s wet, you may use the Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner in the shower to help with the tangles. Stay away from using hard combs and brushes for black  hair. Brushing while wet will cause hair to break, and brushing while dry is a black hair sin. It’s better to separate your curls and define your hair style with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers and some Easy Waves Activator Gel.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Sleeping entails tossing and turning, which creates friction causing tangles, split ends and breakage. Satin pillowcases reduce frizz-causing friction and make it easier to maintain hairstyles. Satin should become your best friend, use it whenever possible, whether it’s as a head wrap to protect your kinks or a pillow case to rest a curly head. Sleeping with satin also helps to maintain the  easy waves pink oil moisture in the hair. 

Easy Waves

Easy Waves

Easy Waves is all about style – it’s a brand that is part of the everyday lives of millions of South Africans. Easy Waves has ensured that no matter the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday or even a job interview, you will look your best. Being stylish with Easy Waves brings out your individual personality, and reveals your unique beauty.

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