Why Does Growing Black Hair Seem So Difficult

Our hair can seem so difficult, especially when you feel like it is not growing. One of the main difficulties black hair faces is breakage. This has been a known struggle to all those with black hair from a young age. There are numerous factors that contribute to the breakage of hair, including over manipulation, rough handling of the hair, overheating your hair, improper hair colouring, neglect, tight hairstyles, using the wrong products and tools, and a lack of a healthy, consistent hair care regimen. This should not alarm you,growing black hair isn’t all about avoiding a list of don’ts. Once you develop a consistent regimen and stick to it, all of this will become second nature and you will truly see your hair take flight.

Black hair growth is easier than people think. It comes downs to three basic essentials for hair growth:

  • Following a healthy, consistent hair regimen
  • Low manipulation and protective styling 
  • Keeping the hair moisturized

What makes it difficult for some to grow their hair effectively is wanting to try out different styles with our hair (which is normal, in fact it’s even encouraged) like colouring, straightening, cutting and plaiting. However, when done too frequently or incorrectly, these things will cause damage to your hair.

What really matters – how to care for your hair. With our kinky hair types. Good products are important and how you care for your hair using these products is even more important. It won’t matter how much you moisturize or condition your hair, if you are not handling it right. Using Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturizer With Mineral Oil and Easy Waves Amla Oil Hairfood you are sure to get the combination of good products and care for your hair right. There is a great importance in protective styling  (twists, cornrows, braids and coils aka bantu knots). This is especially good for those with fragile hair, as it’s one of the key areas of length retention, alongside Easy Waves Rooibos Hairfood.

We tend to focus too much on manipulating our hair when it’s loose. When you wear protective styles this helps prevent breakage from manipulation of the hair and tangles. For moisture retention use Easy Waves Lanolin Hairfood. The more we style and manipulate our hair the weaker it becomes. If, like mine, your hair is particularly fragile you will notice those 3/4 inch breaks as well. This is a cry for help!

Once you have effectively developed a regimen including protective styling and the right Easy Waves products that work for you, there should be a noticeable difference in how much breakage you experience and the amount of split ends that you see. Keep at it, consistency is key and you’ll be sure to notice a bit of growth. 

Easy Waves

Easy Waves

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