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With so many myths and misconceptions out there, it is no wonder that it can be hard to find black hair care tips that actually help your hair. As the trend towards natural hair continues to grow, more and more woman are looking for advice on how to grow and care for their hair naturally instead of treat and style it into submission.

One of the biggest myths is that black hair is coarse and impossible to grow. In actual fact, black hair is much finer than any other hair types, with each hair being far more prone to breakage than white hair. The kinky structure of the hair strand also makes it harder for the scalp’s natural moisture to distribute to the ends and lack of moisture is one of the key reasons for breakage. What does a girl need to do to grow a healthy head of hair then? Read on to see our simple yet effective black hair tips.

Black Hair Care Tips

Caring for your hair is essential – whatever length or state it’s currently in. The best care you can give your hair is to nurture and maintain it rather than force into shape. While every girl knows the frustration of hair that just will not do what you want it to do, your hair will become much easier to deal with when it is healthy and in its best condition. Here are some other things to keep in mind.

  1. Get into a hair care routine. Decide how often you will wash your hair, and how often you will deep condition it. A good place to start is aiming for a shampoo and regular condition every week, with a deep condition twice a month at the very least (ideally once a week). 60 Second treat and style can be a great addition to your routine – leaving it on for at least 15 minutes if you need intensive treatment. You can also use  a light, organic oil such as argan or coconut oil after regular washes on the ends of your hair to help protect against breakage. Rather than oiling the scalp, aim for the middle parts and ends to get the full benefit of natural oils.


  1. Limit heat on your hair. Better still, avoid those heating tools altogether if you can. If you absolutely have to use a flat iron or hair dryer, try to cut down the usage to just a few times each month and always use a product that offers you thermal protection before applying heat to your hair. By holding the irons slightly open as you smooth your hair, you can also reduce damage by avoiding too much pressure. Make sure that you do deep condition treatments more often if you use heating tools, and try to air dry your hair as often as you can. Using wet gels is a good way to dry naturally without heat.


  1. Comb hair gently. When you wash – always use a conditioner and start the detangling process before you rinse off the conditioner – less tangles – less combing! Combing too roughly can cause a lot of breakage – especially if you use thin toothed combs. Instead, use a wide toothed comb on damp hair, and only when you are changing your style. You do not need to comb every day – finger combing is a much better way to get hair into shape without causing damage.


Try to work these black hair care tips into everyday life, and you should start to see the results in no time at all. 

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