Back to School is Back to Basics

Back to School is an exciting and often unnerving time. I have often experienced that the schoolwork is the least of my concerns. We all want to look fabulous when walking back through the school doors, and as we all know our hair is one of our greatest concerns.

Your back to school hair care shopping list:

Your hair care regime might have been neglected during the holiday season due to the festivities, so it is time to get back to basics and make sure that your hair is looking great for the year that lies ahead. While your school gear might be taken care of, you will need to make sure that your hair is as well. Here are some of the hair issues you might be facing in the new school year, and a list of essentials to help you solve them:

Issues That We Face

Missing Moisture:

Many holiday activities, such as swimming and sun exposure, might have left your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. If you have enjoyed a holiday at the beach, you might have neglected to rinse your hair properly after enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean. This could lead to the salt drying onto the scalp which can cause irritation and draw moisture from the hair. Time to get that moisture back into your hair.

What to put on your back to school basics shopping list:

Easy Waves Coconut Hairfood – Enriched with coconut oil which is high in protein, it helps repair and strengthen dry, brittle hair and restore natural moisture to the scalp.

Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturiser – With a conditioning enriched formula, it provides moisture to give your hair a beautiful sheen.


Back to school in most parts of South Africa is often accompanied by rain and thunderstorms. As you and I both know, this can wreak havoc on your hair resulting in an uncontrollable mess. I don’t need to tell you that a bad hair day is a bad day in general, and you will have enough to worry about in the classroom without being self-conscious about your hair. It is time to fight the frizz!

What to put on your back to school basics shopping list:

Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Sheen Spray – Designed to deep-penetrate and condition the scalp, it reduces dryness and flaking while locking out moisture which could leave your hair out of control.

Time to relax:

While a new year might give you a stressful time in the classroom, there is no need for your hair to be stressed out. A new school year is the perfect time to astonish your classmates with a stylish and sophisticated new hairstyle. Make sure that your hair is looking fabulous by using a trusted relaxer to help you achieve the look you want.

What to put on your back to school basics shopping list:

Easy Waves Creme Relaxer – Relaxing combined with strength. The Easywaves crème relaxer will help your hair to look its luxurious best, leaving it shiny, manageable and three times stronger. Always be sure to treat your scalp with the Easy Waves Coconut Hairfoodbefore relaxing, choose the correct strength for your hair and never go over the maximum time.

Although the festive season might have left your hair looking something to be desired, you can easily get the look you want by getting back to basics and making the most of our incredible range of hair products. Have a look to see which one of our moisturisers, relaxers and sprays suits your needs, and start the new school year on the right foot!


Melanie is the owner of Promatix; a web design and online marketing agency in Johannesburg. An avid fan of all things pretty and practical. She likes tea, chocolate biscuits and books about anything other than reality.

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