African Hair Ideas

It’s a new year, so why not reinvent yourself with some of these stylish African hair ideas? African hair is unique because of its natural texture and versatility.

We have put together a few modern, classic African hair ideas which are sure to get you noticed!

The cornrow bun:

Cornrows are great for African hair, due to the fact that not only do they look good but they are easy to maintain. To create a cornrow bun, simply cornrow your hair away from your face and into a sleek, pulled back bun. This look is great for a night out or even as an everyday casual look.

The Sleek Bob:

The sleek bob is perfect if you are trying to go for a sexy yet sophisticated look. This African hair idea will work best on oval, triangle and round face shapes. The bob looks great with a cute side fringe and a light touch of hairspray applied to the ends.

The cropped pixie cut:

The cropped pixie cut is modern and looks fabulous! It has even been flaunted by celebrities such as Rihanna. This African hair idea looks great with a side-swept fringe and a slight curl for a wispy touch. This classic, elegant look is easy for African girls to maintain.

The half-shaved look:

For those of you who are a little more daring, you have to give this look a try.  The half-shaved look has become quite popular in recent days, with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus sporting it.

What’s great about this look is that it gives you the best of both worlds: a half-shaved head plus a glamorous hairstyle.

 Curly up-style:

African hair looks great when it is full of volume and curls! A curly up-style is perfect with a medium hold gel to keep those curls in place, followed by some hairspray to really complete the look. Prepare to turn heads, ladies!

It’s all about the volume:

With all the African hair ideas out there, sometimes it’s great to take a break from the ‘up’ dos and go for some luscious volume. This African hair idea is perfect for an evening out or a weekend shopping trip. Volume can be created by using a curling wand to create curls, followed by a medium hold hairspray to keep your new luscious locks in place.

Keeping it straight:

Even with African hair, whipping out that flat iron and creating a sleek, straight look is often a good idea and makes for a classic, easy-to-manage look. Section out hair and go over each strand carefully with a flat iron. This can be a nice change and is perfect for any event!

No matter which African hair idea you choose, we are sure that you will rock the look! Be sure to take a look at our range of hair products which will help you create your perfect African hairstyle!



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