How To Get My Style To Last Longer

I always look forward to styling my hair, it is a nice relaxing time for me to treat myself and my hair well. The downside is how often I have to style it. You get a fresh new style, but eventually have to wash it, re-style it, or tie it up to exercise. And afterwards […]

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My style plan for 2016

When starting a new year, I always think about what I want to achieve in the coming year, who I would like to be and how my ever evolving personal style will have an impact on my life and those around me. Style is something that lives inside all of us. It does not necessarily […]

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Why my style is important to me

Natural Black Hair

What exactly is style? Every day we face the world and show them who we are. We put on our makeup, fix our hair, and wear clothes that make us feel comfortable and confident. How we choose to present ourselves to the world may differ as night from day from person to person, but each […]

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What a good hair day does to my mood?

We are all aware that the way our hair behaves has a direct impact on our mood and on our day in general. Waking up with hair that simply does not want to co-operate can put a serious crimp in our daily routine, especially when we are pressed for time and just do not have […]

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African hair problems: Dealing with haircut regret

Us girls with African hair love to switch up our look from time to time – and this includes reinventing ourselves with a new haircut. For many women, a haircut is a way of making a physical change which reflects other changes in our lives. However, the wrong kind of haircut can be disappointing, and […]

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