Some TLC For Your Hair

Hair needs a gentle hand, and some tender, love and care. With just these simple tools your hair will be looking great in no time. Finger-combing is the more gentle approach on your hair when you want to detangle your hair wet it, and use some Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner. This gives […]

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Why Does Growing Black Hair Seem So Difficult

Our hair can seem so difficult, especially when you feel like it is not growing. One of the main difficulties black hair faces is breakage. This has been a known struggle to all those with black hair from a young age. There are numerous factors that contribute to the breakage of hair, including over manipulation, […]

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Confessions of Black Hair

It can be really tough to maintain our beautiful, black hair but with Easy Waves hair care products nothing is impossible. You just have to put in a little extra effort to get that definite soft feel. It is important to use the right products. With the Easy Waves products it is much easier to […]

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Reflecting On Our New Year’s Resolution Hair Regime

We’re just past half way through the year, and by now most have forgotten or broken New Year’s resolution promises. The biggest excuse is usually that life gets in the way and becomes more difficult to stick to a hair regime. I hope most have followed through on the original hair resolutions. I am proud […]

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How To Manage Frizz

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with the frizzies. It seems to be the go to for black hair with humidity or rain. No need to fear away in defeat, the battle against frizz can be won with Easy Waves Anti-Frizz Oil Sheen Spray. Here are some practical tips that can promise […]

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