My style for this summer

Summer is once again upon us, and with the warm weather and refreshing rain comes an opportunity to reinvent yourself and take on a new look to celebrate the season. A new hairstyle is the perfect place to start reinventing your own personal style, and for those of us blessed with beautiful African hair the […]

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African hair problems: Dealing with haircut regret

Us girls with African hair love to switch up our look from time to time – and this includes reinventing ourselves with a new haircut. For many women, a haircut is a way of making a physical change which reflects other changes in our lives. However, the wrong kind of haircut can be disappointing, and […]

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The evolution of African hairstyles

african hair

Black hair has evolved a lot over time and has a long and interesting history. Throughout American history, African hairstyles and hair products were interwoven into societal changes and events that shaped history. In this post, we take a look at the important events and milestones which tell the story of the evolution of African […]

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African Hair Ideas

It’s a new year, so why not reinvent yourself with some of these stylish African hair ideas? African hair is unique because of its natural texture and versatility. We have put together a few modern, classic African hair ideas which are sure to get you noticed! The cornrow bun: Cornrows are great for African hair, due […]

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Style is Personal…

I like to describe my style as Retro/Versatile/Modern. I love playing with clothes. To me, it is art. Now, we all know how expensive vintage clothing can be, and boy, was I chuffed when I saw this vintage denim jacket last weekend in Vilakazi Street in Soweto. At first I was afraid to ask how much it […]

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